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Tenant Policy

Booking Policy


  • Pay a minimum token* amount and select a move-in date to confirm your booking
  • Room and bed allotment is at the sole discretion of HelloWorld.
  • If you have been referred by an existing HelloWorld customer, you need to mention this at the time of booking. Gift your friend Rs.1000 worth rent credits!
  • Move In will only be done at the requested time and date at the time of booking. In case the Move-In is postponed, Rent will start from the actual date requested at the time of booking.
  • A nominal charge of Rs. 476 will be applied at the time of your moving-in to cover for a background check. Move-out charges are based on actual expenses incurred and vary for different cities*



  • Refundable security deposit and rent for the current month needs to be paid along with your KYC documents before moving into your new home.
  • The E – Leave and License Agreement must be signed before you move-in to your new home.
  • Complete the survey shared at the time of move-in to enjoy the benefits of our community events.
  • HelloWorld reserves the right to set community guidelines including usage of common areas. You will find them on the notice board at the property/website.
  • HelloWorld can give the customer another room in the same building if there’s an issue in the pre-booked room. The resident will be transferred back to the room first allotted within 7–14 days*
  • Any complaints, issues, requests, or queries about your home or building can be brought to the management’s notice by raising a ticket via mail to

Living with Us Policy


  • Rent includes electricity, internet, and water charges*
  • You can cancel your meal subscription only at the end of that month.
  • Avoid late fee charges by paying rent on or before the 5th of every month; failing which, a fine of Rs. 100 will be charged per day. On the 11th of that month, your agreement stands canceled if rent is still unpaid.
  • Visitors can spend time on the premises until 10.00 p.m., with an exception to single room occupants who can have guests staying overnight. Provided they inform the property manager in advance and KYC has to submit. A charge might be charged for the stay.
  • Any misconduct by you or your guest(s) can accrue a fine based on the severity.
  • Damages caused to any item during the stay will be recovered as per the actual MRP of the item damaged.
  • HelloWorld reserves the right to limit access to the common area at its sole discretion.
  • Residents are allowed to shift their stay between HelloWorld properties based on the following:
  • To split a private room single booking into two separate individual bookings there will be a charge of Rs.2,000 and Move Out charges will be applied against each individual booking.
  • HelloWorld reserves the right to give immediate notice/warning to any customer for issues created during their stay.
  • HelloWorld is not responsible for your personal belongings in the room, common area, parking or any other location in the property. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all valuable items are stored in a secure manner.

Common Area Guidelines


  • No smoking or consuming alcohol in the common area.
  • Your activities or behavior shouldn’t cause any inconvenience to other residents at the premises.
  • A penalty of 2000 INR will be applicable to those who don’t adhere to these guidelines.
  • No illegal substances are permitted at HelloWorld premises. If found or reported, legal action including but not limited to police intimation, cancellation of the existing agreement, and no refund of deposit will follow.
  • Fines are applicable for non-segregation of garbage.



  • Residents must inform HelloWorld at least 30 days before they intend to move out via mail to along with their bank account details.
  • The resident, herein you, need to pay the entire month’s rent if your move-out date is anytime after the 5th of the coming month. The remaining amount will be credited to your account along with the security deposit after the physical inspection of the room.
  • There is a charge to be will be deducted during the final settlement to cover — exit documentation and dry cleaning of personal items. Move-out charges are based on actual expenses incurred and vary for different cities*
  • No move-out charges are applicable to internal transfers within the HelloWorld premises, terms and conditions apply.

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